An End of Year School Prom is probably going to be one of the most important days of a student’s life, so why settle on a cheap and unprofessional disco that will leave you disappointed?


Stretch limousines, expensive ball gowns, glittering handbags and a lavish hotel suite have become prerequisites for the annual event in many parts of the country.

The slow Americanization of the leavers' disco has been noted for a number of years, with many schools being forced to write to parents warning them that it was unacceptable for children to arrive in stretch limos.

However, the trend is gathering pace, thanks in part to the huge popularity of American television shows like Glee and High School Musical.

It is important that you choose the right DJ for your prom, and at Groove Disco we have the ultimate Prom Package to suit you.


We are one of the leading mobile discotheque school prom specialists in the whole of North and N. East Lincolnshire. Always up-to-date with the latest music, always ahead of the rest with the latest equipment, we can make your School Prom Party truly unforgettable!

Whatever your requirements, from a basic disco set-up to a full-blown live band and laser lightshow, we can provide you with the ultimate party to remember. Not just music, we can also supply mood lighting and balloon sculptures to turn your chosen venue into a million dollar ball!


We really do understand that your final School Prom is one of the most important, exciting and emotional nights of your life. That’s why we can make it extra special by providing a thoroughly professional and highly charged night out, with the very latest in lighting and speaker technology and my massive music collection.

We are constantly in touch with new music and new styles. With us at the controls, you are guaranteed a seamless flow of the latest and greatest Dance, RnB, Pop, Garage, Indie Rock…and just about every other genre of music there is! We have over 45 years’ experience of entertaining at the highest levels, so you are assured of quality mixing and total professionalism.


It’s absolutely essential that your DJ for your School Prom party is in touch with the latest tunes, as well as having an encyclopedic knowledge of music from days gone by.

We love music! We love all types of music. But there’s no hidden music agenda with us…. We will always welcome your requests, whatever genre they may be. We’re more than happy to receive lists of your favorites beforehand, or simply take requests on the night. With over 64,000 tracks at our disposal, pretty much all the bases are covered! Together with vast music knowledge, we possess excellent music mixing skills, so there are no long pauses between tunes and no constant banal banter over the microphone. We’re trained to a high level in microphone technique, so when we need to be heard, we will be!

Finish your school days in style – book Groove Disco now!